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More Than Just Auto Repairs

Because we’re your local European dealership alternative, we’d like to know how we can help you. Is it time for factory scheduled or other preventive maintenance services? Whether you drive a Mercedes-Benz and need A/B Service, a BMW that requires I and II inspections, or another make, we can attend to the maintenance protocol specified by the manufacturer that will preserve your new car warranty and keep your vehicle operating well. Does your automobile need a minor or expected routine repair? We can take care of those smaller issues or planned tasks before they become major problems. Examples include brake pad exchanges and tune-ups. Has something major gone wrong? We don’t shy away from tackling those jobs, including work on your transmission, exhaust, suspension, heat/air conditioning, timing belt, or engine.

We’re International, Yet We’re Family

When you entrust your vehicle to the staff at Rempt Motor Company, you get the best package for European auto repair. We specialize in European import automobiles, but we’re a local, family-owned business that can work on any car brand. That offers some distinct advantages for you. You won’t have to drive to Tacoma or Seattle for quality repairs for your high-end vehicle. Our facility is a member of the Automotive Service Association (ASA), assuring you that we perform exceptional work and adhere to a code of ethics. However, we’re also near where you live and/or work, so we’re community members like you. Our interest lies in building a professional relationship with you. Open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm, our shop provides several customer conveniences that make your repair experience easier. Perks include free wifi if you’re waiting on-site and a complimentary shuttle if you aren’t. We offer prompt turnaround times–often the same day. Our team can keep you posted about the status of your vehicle electronically, and financing is available.

SPRING is finally upon us, are you needing a Tune-up before your spring break trip?

Complete a Tune-Up and get a COMPLIMENTARY Oil Change.
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Just because it`s Mini, doesn`t mean the problems are!

Okay, we know it`s a bad joke, but it`s important to remember that like any car, Mini Cooper`s also require proper maintenance and service to be reliable for years to come.

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Coffee ✅
Kids to School ✅

Next stop, Rempt for service. 🔧

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It`s a shame that clean car season is just about over.

While we can`t help you keep it clean, we can keep it running well and make sure it keeps you safe through the winter months.

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Here`s a very real warning about bringing your car to the shop when you suspect something is wrong.

This Jetta came to us with the owner complaining about a suspension clunk in the rear end.

Upon inspection we found that the rear shock on the drivers side became disconnected from the lower mount.

Had this person kept driving, it was possible that the shock could`ve slid towards the inside of the vehicle and off the lower mount and caused the rear drivers side suspension to drop immediately leading to an accident.

The lesson is this: If you are hearing clunks and rattles, noticing leaks, or seeing things that aren`t right, call your mechanic!

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Have a fleet of 10 or more vehicles? Get your first fleet-vehicle oil change free with the signing of a service contract!

Come check out why local fleet owners are trusting Rempt with their service.

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Gorgeous AMG wagon in the shop! #amg #amgperformance #mercedesamg #mercedeswagon #wagonsteez #wagonlife #wagon #amgpower

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Don`t forget to get your brakes inspected before the rainy season arrives!

Wet roadways can nearly double the distance it takes to stop your vehicle! If your braking system is not in proper operating condition, this distance can be increased even further, leading to safety concerns for you and your family.

Take action before the rain arrives and schedule your vehicle`s inspection soon:

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When was the last time your car had a tune up?

A tune up makes sure your car`s interrelated systems & components are functioning properly in unison!

Filters, fluids, spark plugs, and more can be addressed during a tune up, all depending upon what your car may need. Our technicians also inspect your vehicle to provide you with recommendations on other service items your vehicle may need.

To schedule your next tune up, just visit our website or give us a call!

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Your Mercedes Benz + Our Shop = An Ideal Combination.

Keep your prized possession on the road longer with factory scheduled maintenance and timely repairs. Whether it`s your weekend track car, a classic Benz, or your daily driven SUV, we know what it needs.

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Quattro season is right around the corner!

Make sure your Audi is prepared to keep you on the road this Fall & Winter.

For anything from new tires to major repairs, we`re just one call away!

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From tire rotations to transmission service, we have all your Sprinter service needs covered!

Give us a call today to learn about our fleet repair services and how we can help you keep your fleet on the road longer.

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Does your Porsche need service, repairs, or new tires? Rempt Motor Company is your go-to full service shop!

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We now sell tires!

We`re excited to offer this to our valued customers when they`re in the shop.

Get your vehicle ready for Fall & Winter by getting new tires for your vehicle!

Give us a call or visit our website to schedule your next appointment:

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When it comes to commercial fleet vehicles, like Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans, you want an auto mechanic shop that has worked on these vehicles before.

Rempt Motor Company technicians have experience with European Vehicles in this location since 2003 and keep up with all modern education to keep your fleet rigs on the road.

Schedule your service on our website here:

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Finding a reputable Maserati shop is hard… Good thing you don`t need to look any further 😉

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As sad as it is to say it, the rainy season is right around the corner. 😢

With rainy weather comes slick roads. It`s easy to forget about the condition of your brakes, tires, and suspension when you`re driving in good conditions – but that can quickly become a safety issue when the weather turns bad.

Make sure to add a proper vehicle inspection and service to your end-of-summer checklist before it`s too late.

(Photo from January 2023)

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