Reasons Why Milton Drivers Need a Regular Oil Change

When was your last oil change? Most auto shops recommend that you change your oil every 3,000 miles driven. It’s also a good idea to schedule one before a long trip. While most car owners know they’re important, many are less familiar with why. Remember these important reasons to make a regular oil change appointment the next time you consider putting off this important task in Milton.

Your Engine Needs to Stay Lubricated

Keeping your engine properly lubricated is crucial. When fresh oil is added to your vehicle it ensures that the internal workings of your engine don’t begin to wear on each other.

Oil Prevents Internal Parts from Rusting

Rust can be extremely damaging for your car or truck, especially when it’s present internally. Scheduling regular oil changes can help prevent rust. As the oil pumps through your vehicle, it provides much needed lubrication and makes it significantly more difficult for rust to develop.

Fresh Oil Keeps Your Vehicle Cooler

An overheating car or truck is a serious problem. Fresh oil keeps your vehicle at the right temperature. While a regular oil change may help, chronic overheating may require auto repair.

Make Getting a Regular Oil Change a Habit near Milton

Is it time to schedule an oil change near Milton? Don’t overlook this important aspect of auto maintenance. To receive expert workmanship and excellent customer service, contact Rempt Motor Company in Everett today! Our highly-trained and experienced technicians will be happy to assist with all your auto maintenance and repair needs. Our shop specializes in European auto repair and alignment service. Own a Volvo? We offer superior Volvo repair and maintenance services.

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Reasons Why Milton Drivers Need a Regular Oil Change

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