Sprinter Repair

Sprinter Oil Cooler Leak

Cause and Repair

Maintain Performance

Here at Rempt Motor Company in Auburn, Washington, we aim to educate our customers as thoroughly and professionally as possible about oil coolers and how to maintain the performance and longevity of an oil cooler’s lifetime within your vehicle. An oil cooler’s purpose is to maintain a consistent oil supply through corresponding coils and improve the transmission and engine’s life span. An oil cooler is a separate, small radiator from an engine’s radiator that maintains the oil supply at a consistent, optimal temperature. This is good to take note of when looking for leaks within your vehicle. Sprinter oil leaks have been very common with vehicle models from 2007 until the present. This includes ‘BlueTec’ and ‘CDI’ models from 2006-2018 Mercedes Sprinter V6. Leaks are not as common with 2010+ plus models, but they do occur. Regardless, the Mercedes V6 3.0L has proven its reputation for being a durable and dependable motor.

How To Prevent And Detect Leaks

Failing oil seals may cause ‘Check Oil Level’ or ‘Oil Level Low’ lights to glow on your dashboard. You may also notice oil stains or puddles under your car while it is parked and decrease oil levels when using your dipstick when measuring. Please note that failing oil seals cannot cause oil contamination, as coolant and oil have no chance to intermix despite the leakage. Repairing this would require the seals to be replaced. The good news is the oil cooler itself would not need replacement, but it can be reinstalled. Keep in mind that after 110K miles, oil may begin to leak, so we highly recommend getting your vehicle serviced regularly at your manufacturer’s recommended mileage mark.

Is It Time For A Repair?

If your vehicle is experiencing any of what we have previously described, it may be time to bring it to Rempt Motor Company in Auburn, Washington, for an inspection and probable repair on your Sprinter oil cooler. Our ASE-certified staff are ready to assist on demand, and our doors are open to all vehicles, no matter what brand or model. Our doors opened in 2003, so we are confident in guaranteeing nothing short of exemplary service. Our shop is also an ASA (American Service Association) member. We also offer public WiFi and digital service updates so you can continue with your day while we service your vehicle so you can know the moment it is ready for pick-up. Please visit our website to schedule an appointment or give us a call. We take walk-ins during open hours and are ready to assist with your Splinter repair needs on demand.

Written by Rempt Motor Company