Important Winter Auto Maintenance Advice for Maple Valley

Winter is about to begin in Maple Valley. Like the seasonal changes we make to our wardrobes to keep us toasty, our vehicles need a cold-weather makeover if we them to be in peak working order. That’s why it’s important to schedule winter auto maintenance services with an experienced auto technician this time of year. 

Inspect Your Lights

Winter doesn’t just bring colder weather; it also brings shorter days. While the sun may be up during your commute to and from work during the summer, you may be driving in the dark in the winter. Double-check your headlights and blinkers to keep you and loved ones safe.

Test Your Battery

Car batteries tend to die in the winter due to the added stress placed on them by colder weather. Motors have to work harder because motor oil is thickened by cold temperatures. Check your car’s battery for corrosion on the terminals. Additionally, consider having it inspected by a professional and replaced if needed. 

Check Your Cooling System

If your coolant system is leaking antifreeze, your engine can freeze if the temperatures drop suddenly. Having a technician check your system now can help you avoid unnecessary auto repairs.

Need Professional Winter Auto Maintenance near Maple Valley?

Knowing which services are most important during the winter months is key, and so is having an auto shop in your area you can rely on. The experts at Rempt Motor Company in Auburn can help! Our team of highly-trained and experienced technicians provides honest advice, quality workmanship, and unbeatable customer care. We have the knowledge and skills necessary to assist with all your auto needs. Our mechanics also specialize in European auto repair, as well as Volvo repair and maintenance services! Contact us today.

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Important Winter Auto Maintenance Advice for Maple Valley

Written by Rempt Motor Company