Volvo Dashboard Warning Light Activity: What to Do in Federal Way

Has a dashboard warning light recently activated on your Volvo in Federal Way? Ignoring these warnings can result in expensive auto repairs. If you see any of the following warning lights illuminate, check into it sooner rather than later.

Check Engine

This one can mean a number of things, and they’re not all serious. If you’re missing a gas cap, or if it’s been put on askew, this warning will come on. You’ll need a Volvo auto technician to run diagnostics to determine the reason for its activation, however, just in case.

Oil Warning

If the oil warning light comes on, take immediate action. Don’t drive while this light is activated. Doing so can damage, and even destroy, your engine.

Brake System

Issues with your brake system also require immediate attention. Get your Volvo to an auto shop for auto maintenance and repair soon. Most vehicles’ lights depict an exclamation mark inside a circle inside parenthesis when this type of problem develops. You absolutely don’t want to be on the road when your brakes fail.

Need Help with Volvo Dashboard Warning Lights near Federal Way?

Do you need auto maintenance or repair in Federal Way? Now that you know more about the most common dashboard warning lights, you can schedule the assistance you need. Contact us at Rempt Motor Company in Auburn to speak with a Volvo technician today. We have the knowledge, skills and equipment we need to address all your auto maintenance and repair needs. You can also count on our mechanics for superior European auto repair and Volvo auto repair services!

Dashboard Warning Light Activity: What to Do in Federal Way

Written by Rempt Motor Company