Common Mercedes Repair Issues in Des Moines

It’s important to address Mercedes repair and maintenance needs as soon as you become aware of them in Des Moines. Every make and model has its quirks, and problems that develop can be stressful. Whatever the issue, make sure the auto shop is certified to service your vehicle before scheduling an appointment. Here’s a list of the most common Mercedes repair issues we see.

Noisy Struts

One common sign complaint is a rattling or banging sound while driving. A technician will need to ensure that the car’s struts aren’t loose or leaking. This problem is most prevalent in vehicles built before 1995.

Damaged Engine Harness Wire Insulations

Driving a vehicle in particularly hot and humid climates may increase your need for auto repair. This is common for most Mercedes, which are prone to engine harness wire insulation damage. Over time, the resulting cracks can be problematic for the engine.


Mercedes vehicles are commonly known to develop rust behind the license plate. If you notice this problem, take your car to a Mercedes repair shop right away. If left unaddressed, the rust will spread and cause even more damage.

Need Common Mercedes Repair Issues Addressed near Des Moines?

If you’ve noticed any of these issues, or anything else unusual, the pros at Rempt Motor Company can help. Our expert technicians have the knowledge, skills and equipment to restore your Mercedes to perfect running order. We offer a wide range of services, including European auto repair, maintenance and alignment services. An auto shop you can depend on, we’ll keep your Mercedes running strong. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Common Mercedes Repair Issues for Des Moines Drivers

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Common Mercedes Repair Issues in Des Moines

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