Common Land Rover Auto Repairs in Edgewood

It’s important to address common Land Rover repair and maintenance needs before they turn into something expensive. Each make and model is prone to their own quirks or problems that develop over time. As soon as you detect a difference in the way your vehicle runs, take your Land Rover in for service at a certified auto shop. Here are some signs to look for.

Air Suspension Sags

One of the most common Land Rover auto repair issues pertains to the air suspension system. These vehicles are known for offering smooth rides, but the air suspension can sag over time. If you’re riding a little funny, ask a repair specialist to check the suspension.

Oil Leaks

Another common repair issue is an oil leak. This is most often seen in oil cooler lines and valve cover gaskets. Speak with a professional if you begin noticing puddles of oil after parking.

Parking Brake Fails

A failing parking brake is another problem you need to watch for. The most common sign of this issue is a screeching sound when the brake is engaged.

Time for Land Rover Repair near Edgewood?

Do you need to schedule repair in Edgewood? Now that you’re familiar with the most common issues, you can spot potential trouble more easily. Contact the pros at Rempt Motor Company as soon as you notice any of the problems mentioned above. We have the knowledge, skills and equipment to help. Our expert technicians are known for providing expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care. You can count on us for a wide variety of services, including European auto repair, maintenance and alignment. We’ll keep your Land Rover running strong.

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Common Land Rover Auto Repairs in Edgewood

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