Engine Diagnostics Can Tell You Why Your “Check Engine” Light is On in Des Moines

engine diagnostics Des MoinesHas your vehicle’s “check engine” light recently activated in Des Moines? If so, schedule engine diagnostics with your local auto shop as soon as possible. Your car’s warning light indicates there’s a problem related to your engine. Here are some common reasons for your warning light to activate.

Missing or Damaged Gas Cap

Sometimes, engine diagnostics identifies the cause as a missing or damaged gas cap. This is a relatively minor issue, but one that should be addressed quickly. Continuing to drive without a gas cap is bad for the environment and your mileage.

Malfunctioning Spark Plug

Another possible cause is a malfunctioning or broken spark plug. If you’re experiencing problems starting your car or truck, this is a likely culprit. It’s important to seek assistance right away; leaving a spark plug issue unattended is likely to cause further damage to your vehicle.

Faulty, Loose, or Dirty Mass Air Flow Sensor

Another potential reason for your “check engine” light to activate is a faulty mass air flow (MAF) sensor. This sensor determines the ratio of fuel-to-oxygen while your engine is running. In some cases, the sensor may just be loose or dirty, but your auto repair specialist will need to perform engine diagnostics to be sure.

Need Engine Diagnostics Near Des Moines?

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Engine Diagnostics Near Des Moines

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