Audi Maintenance & Repair in Normandy Park: Responding to an Overheating Engine

overheating engine

What do you do when your vehicle’s engine is overheating in Normandy Park, Washington? While a single instance of this could be a fluke, you should schedule Audi maintenance or repair anyway. An auto repair professional will be able to assess your car’s overall condition and pinpoint what’s causing this malfunction. In the meantime, however, here’s what to do if your engine overheats while you’re driving. The following tips will help keep you safe and prevent additional damage to your vehicle while dealing with an overheating engine.

Shut Off Your Vehicle

Don’t attempt to drive to the nearest auto shop. Audi maintenance or repair can wait. Stop your vehicle immediately to prevent further damage.

Let the Engine Cool Completely

Unfortunately, there’s little that can be done until your engine has completely cooled. Even if an Audi maintenance technician is readily available, he or she will be unable to work on your car until the temperature has decreased. Be extra careful not to touch the radiator cap, because it will be extremely hot and could blow off.

Replace Coolant

After your vehicle has cooled down, it’s safe to replenish any lost coolant. Make sure you use the same type and brand already in your car. Topping this liquid off will help you reach an auto maintenance technician safely.

Need Audi Maintenance or Repair in Normandy Park?

Do you need Audi maintenance or repair in Normandy Park, Washington? Now that you know how to respond to an overheating engine, it’s time to address the bigger issue. Contact Rempt Motor Company in Auburn to request a free quote for service today. With years of experience in the industry, we can pinpoint and address the issue quickly and efficiently. Our team also has the knowledge, skills and equipment to address any other European auto repair and maintenance need. You can count on us for alignment service as well.

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